Single-family house in Thebes

Location Thebes, Viotia, Greece
Design Year 2018
Area 183 m2

The detached house was designed for a young couple and their future family, in a plot with a steep decline towards the east, where there is an interesting landscape view. A ground-floor house offers the advantage of immediate contact with the earth, it actually eliminates the boundaries of inside – outside. Entrance hall, kitchen and living-room create an open plan, whereas the more private spaces, namely the master bedroom and two more bedrooms with their shared bathroom are grouped on the other side of the plan (total ground-floor area: 133m²). A staircase that leads to the basement and to the partly planted roof top, is a central element of the layout. At the basement, which is in fact a ground-floor thanks to the plot's declination, there is an office also accessible from outdoors. For the elevations of this level, colored armed concrete is to be used.  

projects • 2018