A complex of 7 new houses with private swimming pools – Version II

Location Limenari, Evia, Greece
Design Year 2020
Area 210 m2

The plot resembles an oblong of approximately 4.500m² with a gradient increase of 24m on its long side and has an interesting view to the sea on the SW side. A second approach on the same layout (Version I) was asked to include 7 new summer houses with basements, private parking spaces and swimming pools of 15m² each, as well as one bigger shared swimming pool (50m²), a meeting point to strengthen the relations among the members of this small community. Together with a large parking area, it is also the first thing one sees at the SW corner of the plot, when walking up or driving the 3meter-wide, private street that runs straight along the land up to the SE end, to reach the entrance of each house.

We designed three volumes properly turned so as to face the view, built three meters higher from one another thus following the gradient of the land and also defining the part of the plot that belongs to every house. Each volume includes three and two lofts respectively, while the two semi-detached houses of Version I were kept.

Every loft consists of ground floor, attic and basement which cover a total area of 59-62m². On the ground floor level there is the living-room, kitchen, bathroom and on the attic a bedroom and bathroom with additional sunlight streaming in through a skylight. The basement with a similar layout as the attic is also secured natural light through cours anglaises. The semi-detached houses remain the same as in Version I and cover a total area of 75m² each, in three levels. The SE side of the plot retains the existing natural landscape.

projects • 2020