2 new detached summer houses with a shared swimming pool

Location Kitia, Evia, Greece
Design Year 2019

A piece of land of 4.000m² in the countryside of Evia is the location of this residential project. Due to its gradient, it resembles a slope with a beautiful sea view to the W, NW sides, while most of the SE side of the property is occupied by a ground floor, roof-topped house.

Both of the detached summer houses, each one with a total living area of 60.78m², are placed at the center of the plot and face the view. They share a swimming pool of 50m². The living space extends to three levels, basement, ground floor and first floor. The ground floor is divided both functionally and formally into two wings, one for the kitchen, living room and a covered veranda of 12m² and the other for the staircase, bathroom and bedroom. On the first floor there is another bedroom with its bathroom and a large sitting area at the rooftop. The basement has plenty of natural light from a cour anglaise that bridges the gap between the two wings of the plan, where two more of bedroom-bathroom sets and a living room are to be found.

To reach the entrances of the houses you drive a 3meter-wide, private street, which runs around half of the plot, from the S to the N corner, pass by the swimming pool level first, up to the parking area. The NE side of the land retains the existing natural landscape.      

projects • 2019