8 new detached houses with private swimming pools

Location Scroponeria, Viotia, Greece
Design Year 2020

The size of the plot is 3388m², which allows 847m² of building area. We designed 8 detached ground-floor or two-storey houses varying from 87-120m², with private swimming pools of 15m² each, properly turned NE, towards the view to the sea. The access to the houses is possible via a 3meter-wide street, that crosses the plot centrally from the SE to the NW side. It divides the plot into two parts, the southern side, where there are 4 two-storey houses and the northern side, where there are another 4 houses, 3 of which are ground-floor ones. As a general principle the northern side is kept at a lower level to ensure unobstructed view for every part of the plot.

Housing typology focuses on a two-level living area, whether it is ground floor and basement or ground floor and first floor. In the first case, the ground floor plan apart from living-room, dining-room and kitchen, includes two bedrooms, office and two bathrooms as well as the staircase leading to the basement, where there is a similar layout. The roofs are planted to better reconcile built with natural landscape. The ground floor - first floor type is a short study on the T-shaped layout, which separates living-room and food preparation area from more private space, while offering an outdoor covered sitting place. At the first floor there are two more bedrooms and the roof garden.

projects • 2020