Residence in Maroussi

Location Maroussi, Attica
Design Year 2005
Construction Year 2007
Area 269 m2

A two-residence complex designed and built in a 426m² corner plot, which is located far from the dense urban structure of the Municipality of Maroussi. The intersection of two volumes was the starting point for designing the two residences: one ground-floor building with a roof garden, with an area of 85m² and one two-storey building on pilotis, with a total area of 184m². Parking and supplementary spaces are in the basement.

The bigger residence consists of two storeys on a pilotis; the first floor includes the living room, kitchen and two bedrooms, while the office and the master bedroom are on the second floor. The living room occupies the south side of this house, it is a double-height space which is viewed by the office on the second floor. The SE corner of the building is covered mainly by glass, thus maximizing its transparency and revealing the layout on the exterior. The metal structure that supports the large glass corner together with its additional elements give out an impression of lightness and create two particularly interesting main facades. Finally, the roof garden provides an outdoor living room under the built pergola.

Swimming pool and pilotis function as a whole, providing a cool and sun protected space for the warmest months. On the south elevation, the large balcony of the first floor is actually the outdoor extension of the living room, almost over the swimming pool, thus creating the illusion of a springboard. The rooftop of the small residence on the north side of the plot, accessed by the staircase of the large residence, makes a spacious and quiet veranda for playing or relaxing by enjoying the beautiful city view it provides.

This residential complex in Maroussi has been constructed in a conventional way, namely, it is of a reinforced concrete framework and brickwalls. Nevertheless, two thirds of the south and part of the east façade are constructed by a metal framework. It is an extensive articulated aluminum construction with glazing and sun-protection elements such as shading louvers and an aluminum canopy, pierced by the stainless steel chimney of the fireplace. The construction ends on the east façade with a part covered with horizontal stripes, which have been cut from aluminum sheets and which marks the entrance of the property.

projects • 2007