A park

Location Doxa Lake
Design Year 2023
Area 5800 m2
Partners Pixelogic

Doxa Lake is artificial, it was created in 1990 to collect the rainwater from the surrounding mountains and has been acknowledged a NATURA area due to its outstanding beauty. It is located in Feneos region, Corinthia Prefecture, on the NE side of Peloponnese. We turn a property of 5800m² near the idyllic scenery of the lake into a park, a place for families or small groups to stay and enjoy the peace and beauty of nature. Thus we plant cherry trees, bushes and flowers to create a leafy environment within which we place 4 wooden cabins (prefabricated) of 50m² each, to accommodate the visitors. The shared areas, namely the meeting points, include an open-air theatre to project and watch a movie or just relax, a playground, a defined space for BBQ and a large picnic table to share a meal under the trees or, you can greet the sunrise during a yoga session under the wooden pergola. Once you leave your car at the parking area by the entrance of the park, you enter a retreat nestled in nature's embrace. Natural materials are mostly used for the construction of this landscape project, such as stone, wood, pebbles and concrete when necessary.

projects • 2023