3 new detached houses with private swimming pools

Location Porto Rafti, Attica
Design Year 2022
Area 667.26 m2

 Located at the eastern side of Attica, near the Athens Airport, Porto Rafti occupies a part of the coastline of the Southern Gulf of Euboea and has long been one of the Athens residents’ favorite vacation places. The plot is a corner one, only 450m far from the sea within a landscape of fig and pistachio trees, SW oriented with a beautiful sea view. Its size is 751.03m², which allows 262.82m² of building area. We designed 3 similar, detached, two-storey houses of 87.13m² each with a private swimming pool of 18.20m², a spacious basement and a roof garden. The layout of the three volumes practically divides the plot into three independent properties with a parking space and garden.

Housing typology focuses on a two-level main living area, the ground floor where the living-room and kitchen are and the first floor, which consists of two bedrooms with a shared bathroom and the office that looks down on the living room through a vertical interstice that ends up to a skylight on the roof. Outdoor covered sitting places at the ground floor, balconies at the first floor and a roof garden with a pergola offer alternative possibilities of relaxing outdoors and enjoying different views. Connection between different levels i.e., from the basement to the roof garden is achieved by both the staircase and an elevator with the proper dimensions to allow use by people with disabilities. In fact, the latter has been a major design concern for all internal and external spaces. The basement is an open plan of 71.37m², is secured natural light through a cour anglaise and is to be used as wished. Total area of each house: 222.42 m².

Use of external wall insulation, high-quality aluminum balcony doors, natural ventilation, heat pump with fan coils in addition to the installation of solar panels, they all result in a high energy efficient house (10.8 kWh/m², A++) with minimum consumption for heating and cooling. 

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