Renovation of a ground-floor apartment with a back yard

Location Koridallos, Attica
Design Year 2021
Area 95 m2

The renovation of the ground-floor apartment of a 3-storey building located in Koridallos, a suburb of Piraeus, includes the interior (area: 95m²) and the spacious back yard of 40m². The new layout to replace the existing one dated back to the late 1960s, is based on a more open plan that consists of the entrance hall, dining-room, living-room and kitchen whilst preserving the privacy of the two bedrooms. Since we value outdoor space as much as we do the interior, we have turned the back yard into a hidden paradise, a green, peaceful and pleasant place to be. Colored concrete benches create the main sitting area, which is shaded by a canopy made of iron and covered with fabric, designed especially for this place. The existing iron winding staircase has been kept but undergone some improvements so as to fit better in this new outdoor setting.

projects • 2021