Renovation of a single-family house in Spetses

Location Ag. Antonios, Spetses
Design Year 2018
Construction Year 2021
Area 105 m2

In Agios Antonios, Spetses, on a corner plot, a formerly neglected complex of two box-shaped buildings was renovated and converted into a vacation house for a family of 4 and their guests. It is actually a nearly cube (a square floor plan 4 x 4 x 3m height) attached to a bigger volume, only the front part of which belongs to the same owner. The “cube” was turned into a guest house with its own private bathroom. It can be used both as part of the rest of the ground-floor accessed from inside and separately, by means of its own entrance on the back elevation. The ground-floor open plan consists of kitchen, living-room and the staircase that leads upward to the rooms, that is, two of them sharing a bathroom on the first level. There is another bedroom with a private W.C. at the attic, which can be reached via a rather steep stairway. The roof included, the whole structure of the interior is wooden and entirely visible at all levels. Overall, the height of the house is 6.30m plus 1.40m of the roof. The small front yard fits a built bench 2.00m long, that marks out the outdoor sitting area.

projects • 2021